Bore-scope / Video-scope Inspection

RSB Inspection Services Sdn Bhd conduct Visual inspection using a standard push rod Combiscope System with 23mm and interchangeable 32mm spherical CCD camera head attached to a 50 meter long semi rigid flexible cable that is waterproofed up to 2 bar. This equipment is most suitable for inspecting process/sewer pipe, boiler/heat exchanger/scrubber tubes as well as turbine, pressure vessel and tanks that are inaccessible and difficult to be reached or viewed physically.

This system is most suitable for pipes and tubes with diameter range from 30mm to 220mm at a maximum length of 160 feet long. Upon completion of inspection, we will provide easy to view digital photos and entire video recording of the inspection in digital format CD with a printed report for our clients reference and further action.

Why use Video-scope inspection on any piece of equipment, because as humans, we rely on our visual sense to make critical decision and video-scope inspection lets you visualize what you normally cannot. We don't have to remove or replace the whole pipe/tube if we can inspect the pipe/tube from the inside and fixed the exact location and make the right decision.

There are few advantages of this inspection system

- Identify possible visualized defect (Poor weld root, pitting, scaling, corrosion, crack, clogging and etc)
- Observe and categorize the extent of each defect
- Evaluate turbine/tube/pipe condition and cleanliness
- Predict possible breakdown of equipment
- Evaluate the overall condition of equipment
- Reduce re-piping and re-tubing cost